The Silver Manatees are an up and coming young Beatles tribute band and are aged 17. They’ve been wowing audiences for over 2 years now and are gathering a dedicated following, particularly in their native Finchley.  As well as looking the part (down to their winkle-picking Cuban heels), they have a remarkably authentic sound and are incredibly tight for such a young group.  Concentrating mainly on the early Beatles playlist (pre 1966) their attention to detail, whether it be their instruments or vocal arrangements, make a Silver Manatees gig like stepping straight into the Cavern Club.

Introducing the boys one by one, the line-up is Harvey Lowe (John), Finnley Norris (Paul), George Lowe (spookily George), and James Bowman (Ringo).

They have performed in support of several charities including the British Heart Foundation, The Samaritans and North London Hospice. They have also been invited to meet the Bootleg Beatles, whose manager described them as “terrific”.

Watch this space, these boys are going far!


The Silver Manatees